Where did all of my posts go?

Some of you may have noticed that all of my old posts are gone. The fact of the matter is, I created a niche blog and then used it as a platform for all of my shenanigans. I don’t think that’s the best use of the site. I think The Incompetent Hausfrau can do a lot of good, but not when I wander off on tangents. So, I have temporarily gotten rid of all of my old posts. I may set up a different blog for that nonsense, but I’m trying to refocus on my original vision for The Incompetent Hausfrau as a community space for people (not necessarily just women) who feel like they aren’t doing well enough. Who beat themselves up when they don’t meet up with their own expectations. We’ve become a sea of individuals comparing ourselves to a set of ideals that don’t exist in reality. When the extended family broke down and we all went our happy ways to our humble little two bedroom cottages with white picket fences and grandma and grandpa and great-aunt Margie stayed in their own humble little cottages, we lost our community. We became strangers in a sea of humanity and no longer had the beauty and wisdom of age and experience in the kitchen with us to laugh off things like inedible pot roast and sassy children. We became so individualistic that we think we have to know it all, do it all ourselves, do it all perfectly, and that asking for help or advice is somehow shameful and means that we’re weak and incompetent. And it’s just not true.  I’m awesome. You’re awesome. We are amazing, we just happen to be imperfect beings in a Perfect Universe. So, I’ll be going through my old posts one at a time and republishing them if they’ll fit in and be helpful. Namaste, Lieblings.


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