I AM grateful but I can’t ignore the spitball in my hair

There is a big gratitude movement, of which I totally approve. Yes, it needed my approval, which I gladly give. You’re welcome. (kidding) I think it is awesome and fantastic and a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, it seems to be fanning the flames of the suck it up buttercup, quit yer bitchin’, no one fucking cares cause.

I think it is great to play Pollyanna and the “I’m so glad” game, but let’s not forget that we are adults and that real life hurts and sucks sometimes and that it has been pretty well established that bottling it all up, even if you are continually topping off with gratitude, is just not healthy. We have to let this crap out. We have to vent and rage and scream and cry on occasion. We have to say, “This SUCKS. This pisses me off. This hurts my feelings.”

We cannot continue to invalidate our own feelings because it turns people off and we’re not supposed to let them out of the nasty little recesses of our minds. We’re only allowed to talk about that which makes us grateful; everything else is self-serving narcissism.

Well, I call horseshit. Please, be grateful. Keep up that running commentary on the good stuff, the small things, the beauty in the world that makes your heart sing. But also, let’s be real and genuine. Let’s strive for balance and let one another let it all out without apology because it is just as important and vital to our well-being.

What do you think? Do you ever feel upset, angsty, stressed, sad, etc., and not feel as though you can express it? If you are a blogger, do you avoid those topics? Do you think people should keep it to themselves? If so, what is your solution to the need for catharsis and relief? How can we help one another create safe environments to express both gratitude and angst?



What do you think?

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