Moore is no Pedophile

Ray Moore. Hebephilia is the word to use. Google it. Using the wrong term has absolutely bolstered that cretin’s defense. It’s still heinous. It’s still vile and disgusting. And most importantly, it’s a REAL thing. Especially for those who can’t call a 14 year old girl a “child,” maybe they would believe matters if they knew that “sexual preference” of a young adolescent has a name and is in the same family as pedophilia. At 14, 14, 16, they are still young and still deserve to be protected by adults not sexualized, preyed upon, or shamed by them. (“They want older men.” I threw up in my mouth at that one.) I don’t have any nice words for anyone voting “against blue” or along single issue lines because you are choosing instead to vote in favor of predation upon the most vulnerable of our young women. In favor of actual events that have transpired against someone who believes in someone else’s right to choose for themselves rather than have you choose for them. Against someone who cannot biologically even do the thing you hate. The old guy who likes to diddle with teens is a better option for you? I hope you like it hot. There’s a special place in Hell for you.

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