I Believe

I believe every one of the  allegations against men. Moore. Franken. Cosby. Trump. Not because he’s Trump. Just because he’s a man. Just because I’m a woman and I’ve see some shit and put up with some shit. Most of us have.

There is a reckoning going on. All of a sudden, all the shit we’ve been enduring and putting up with for years, has finally come to a head. And some people don’t want to deal with it.

There are very few women who have not at one time or another been subjected to sexual harassment or abuse. Attractive, homely, shapely, rotund, straight, gay…the common factor is being female (the gender or the sex). What is it about having a pussy or looking like you do that has given so many men for so many years the idea that it’s okay to touch us, shame us for being sexy, shame us for being not sexy, to feel entitled to own our bodies, to possess us?

Whatever it is, it looks like we’re all finally fed up enough about it and are finally supporting each other in standing up and saying that it isn’t right and it needs to stop.

Sorry not sorry that it means calling out all of the assholery over the years. The “flirting,” the “you should feel flattered,” the “you’re a good looking woman what do you expect?” All of it.

I present to you, in no particular order, an incomplete and list of assholery personally encountered by yours truly:

A fucker touched 14 year old me on the streets of Durango, CO.

My high school botany teacher stole my day planner and kept it for 3 weeks, asked me to leave the class because he thought I was too sensitive for the killer whale eating the seal, and kept me after class to talk about Native American birth control herbs.

Countless boys teased me, flipped my skirts and snapped my bras, and got to call me “slut” even though we were all children.

To my “friend” who kissed me and asked to relieve me of my virginity when I was 10 and he was 12. Thanks for asking?

When I was 19/20, my manager favored me, made my coworkers resent me, touched me inappropriately, and had been forced to switch stores in the past because of sexual harassment.

I’ll stop there. You get the gist. All of my friends have stories. They are all different and yet the same. A male acts upon our bodies without asking. Awake, drunk, oh shit I just made eye contact…hi…thanks no there’s nothing different about me today (please oh please don’t stand so close oh god so hate that smirk I just want to punch him in the face) …no nothing is wrong I just have work to do…no no no I like talking to you I just have to…(there it is. “Bitch”)

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