Today, I just…

have some random thoughts I need to get out of my head.

I’m horrified by recent events, but more horrified that the lives of millions of people are in jeopardy. So, to shut down the noise in my head, and avoid abusing social media, in no particular order:

  • 1 possible terrorist out of millions of people…oooooh those odds are SO scary. Not. Please help the refugees. The bad guys will come (or grow locally) and cause mayhem and chaos and “terrorize” you regardless of refugees.
  • “OMG Poor Paris” and you refuse to acknowledge the atrocities occurring in the rest of the world.  You cannot see it. You talk only of yourself and validation.
  • A meme comparing the 10,000 refugees to the 50,000 homeless vets in the US being passed around by people who don’t actually do anything to help anyone but themselves.
  • Saying, “I don’t want those refugees in my backyard.” Change refugees to n-word, and we’ve taken the Tardis to Southern US, 1965.
  • People who decide it’s cool again to vocalize their hatred for all Muslims because of terrorists the day after hating Starbucks for plain red cups and their war on Christians and campaigning for presidential candidates who  associate with deranged psychopaths who want to put homosexuals to death. Clearly they don’t read the Bible, or they would know the greatest commandment of all, is to love one another and that the new covenant invalidated the old law. Pick a side, don’t cherry-pick out of the bowls.
  • The weak-ass inability to take a stand or have an opinion is disgusting. You cannot NOT have an opinion. That just tells me you are an ignorant sheep. Let’s hope you are rescued by the right sheepdog and not eaten by the wolf.
  • They want you to be scared.
  • They want you to reject the refugees because they hate the refugees for rejecting Sharia Law and leaving to go to the evil West.
  • They want us to bomb more and more and more and create more instability and chaos and breed more misery and discontent because they recruit from fear and misery.
  • Acting on fear is pandering to their wants. It’s okay to be scared, but it’s not okay to make rash decisions because of it. It’s worse, though, to take no action because of it. I can’t agree with fear-based arguments telling the world to keep their refugees, but I agree even less with the pearl-clutching baa-baas of humanity looking for the nearest sheepdog to follow, regardless of its master.
  • I can’t rationalize the fear so many have for terrorists. YOU ARE LETTING THEM WIN. It’s the moral equivalent of meekly giving the bully your lunch money so they don’t kick your ass. Be scared, but be intelligent. Be the kid who gets the black eye. Be the hero. Or, let it make you cautious. Use it to educate yourself. Use it to maintain diligence and vigilance and observe what is going on around you. Just do something.
  • How many of the recent attacks, like Paris, Beirut and even school shootings could have been prevented by better diligence? By listening to that gut feeling and taking action?
  • Don’t just stand by and let the waves of despair crash over you. You still have to continue to seek out the good and the beautiful. Half the world could die tomorrow and you would still have to put food on the table and dress your kids. Get on with living and loving.

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