What Would Chocolate Do?

Chocolate would send a get well card.

 Chocolate would encourage you to never give up.

Chocolate would sit and listen.  Really listen.

Chocolate would never ever.

Chocolate would tell you to relax.  Chocolate would cook dinner, do the dishes, take out the trash…

Ask not what your chocolate can do for you. Ask instead what you can do to your chocolate.



  1. You are my kind of girl! I tried to convince my now ex-husband that chocolate is the only perfect food out there. What other food can be so delicious as a liquid, a powder, AND a solid. I haven’t found an aerosol chocolate yet, but I’m completely open to it. Just think – all the chocolately goodness without the calories. I’m pretty sure I’d wear it as a spray tan and then invite certain people to lick me. 🙂

  2. Ooh I’m craving chocolate now. Something like Hershey’s dark. Pity it’s not even 9am. Sigh, coffee will have to do.

  3. ooh now I feel for hershey’s dark chocolate. It’s a pity it’s not even 9am yet. Very stimulating post.

  4. I love the ‘Chocolate doesn’t get you pregnant’ one! Very Cute! My ‘What Would’ usually is ‘What Would Jane Austen Do?’

    Hopping by from the A to Z Blog Challenge (finally). Here are my posts– hope you can stop by!

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