Unschooling Unicorns

Or, maybe it’s unschooling and unicorns.  Maybe I’m unschooling unicorns.  Sometimes I don’t know.  We are fifty/fifty unschooling and homeschooling.  I need a task master at home.  In my home environment I  suck.  Put me in a jay oh bee and I rock pants off.  I don’t know why this is.  It just is.

But, in spite of me, my children learn.  They learn things I don’t teach them.  They learn stuff that requires prior knowledge–one would assume–that I don’t teach, either.  Not because I don’t want to or don’t plan to, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

They really do learn about the natural world, and mechanics, and human nature, and so many other things simply through observation and living and playing.  I am constantly surprised by their insight.  They are attuned to nature and the cycle of life in a way that cannot be reproduced in lesson plans.  Sure, you can lead a horse to water, but it won’t drink until it is thirsty.

I still teach.  I teach history, math, and writing.  I have no doubts that they would pick up on all of the things they “need” to before reaching adulthood without my intervention, but I like the litmus of making sure they are at least on par with their peers.  I have to push them through things that don’t come natural to them, like math, reading, and writing.

I dislike the pushing, but as a parent I see their dislike and recalcitrance for what it is, and have to take action, because these things are not optional in our lives.  Someone else might see their issues as “learning disabilities.”  But, I see their whole persons:  they’re able  to learn, they’re just not necessarily interested. A horse knows how to drink, it just won’t do so until it’s ready.

I see them for what they are: magical creatures. The public schools only see untrained fillies and federal and state funds.  Fuck that. They are more, you just cannot measure it and I refuse to let you bend it to your will.

Note: The “unicorn” part of this is due in part to a wonderful book I read called Unicorns are Real. I don’t remember the author’s name at the moment, I will try to update this blog when I find it.  The book is all about right-brain dominate children.  Cheers!


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