Ridiculous Intuition, a.k.a. Spidey Sense

I have a superpower. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. I’m ridiculously intuitive. I’m so intuitive that I have woken out of a dead sleep, more times than I can count, to find a spider descending from the ceiling toward my face. I have jolted awake a split second before power is restored in a middle-of-the-night power outage. It’s like I feel the electricity rushing and sizzling through my own body. One night, when I was 14, I just *had* to step outside. I saw a meteor so big, that I saw it break into chunks, then more chunks, then disintegrate as it seared its way through the atmosphere. That sucker was so big it made the news the next day. In high school, my intuition once saved me from a fire drill. A fire drill where a classmate was shot and killed for trying to fix some tension between gang members. I don’t run from trouble: I charge it. Well, I used to. I’m much more cautious now as a momma. But back then? I probably would have gotten myself shot, too. I have avoided wrecks. I have found other people’s lost items by simply walking up to them. I have known I was pregnant before any tests because of a ridiculous desire to knit a blanket out of some yarn in my yarn stash. Part of me wants to get rid of that pink shit, but part of me is afraid to. For years I wanted to move to Chicago. It started when I was 12. No idea why. When I was in my early 20s, I wanted to go study art history at the University of Illinois (I think), but had an overwhelming need to follow through with something I started years before and joined the Marine Corps. Where I met my husband. On his way out. To go to school. In Illinois. Craziness, I know. Trying to harness this spidey sense I have is kind of like trying to catch an eel when it’s backed into its den. There’s active resistance. It makes it easy for me to read people, and usually makes it hard for readers to read me. You can call it coincidence if you like, it doesn’t bother me. I know better. So there you go, now you have your freak story du jour.



  1. Ah. I have the same power (or a sometimes curse because I don’t like knowing what everyone else is thinking . . . it is exhausting . . . and those dreams I have that foretell the future–ugh, they scare me).

    • I get feelings more than thoughts. I haven’t had dreams like that for a while. When I did they were alien invasions and I was being hunted down like a dirty dog. If that’s you, too, girl we need to combine forces, armories, and joint-invest in a former missile-silo home because 2012 is upon us.

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