Don’t Ever Tell Me “No”

Warning: Angry rant with coarse language to follow.

I feel downright bitchy when people tell me “no.” “No” as in, “no you can’t,” when really what they mean is “I’d rather you not” or “I think that’s a bad idea.” Don’t do it. Do not attempt to control me and tell me what to do. I am a broken teenager in a grown woman’s body and I know sometimes I can be irrational but I am a grown woman. I have bad ideas. I have crazy notions. I usually bite off more than I can chew. But still, I am smart, I am capable, and I am a “grown ass” woman. You tell me “no” and I immediately want to do it that much more just to fucking prove you wrong. I know this is a juvenile response. I don’t really care. Because I am a grown woman I will try or not try based on a decision I make after weighing the risks involved. I may have a higher tolerance for risk than you. I can pretty much guarantee that my vision is greater, and that my perspective threatens you. Stop that. Let’s have a discussion about it. So, you think it’s a bad idea. Say so and tell me why. I may even come to agree with you. Or maybe I can help you understand why I think my idea is good. Let me reiterate again: I am not stupid. Don’t tell me “no.” I do not need you to protect me from my ideas. If I try something and it won’t work I won’t do it. Not everything in the whole damn world is about you and nobody put you in charge of me. Go ahead and tell me “no.” I will do it just to prove you wrong. How dare you doubt me? How dare you seek to invalidate me? How dare you minimize me? I will succeed. You will congratulate me and I will be cold to you. Because, “fuck you,” that’s why. That is not the kind of motivation I need or want.



What do you think?

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