10 Interesting Things I Want To Learn More About

I day. I am Interested. I like being interested again. 🙂

1. Clay as the origin of life. No, I don’t believe clay can sculpt itself.

2. Ancient civilizations.  I really can’t get enough ancient history.

3. Quantum physics.  An electron can/does literally exist in multiple places at the same time. Whoa.

4. How the sun helps drive our climate changes.

5. No till farming and companion planting.

6. What people should really be eating.

7.  Dr. Mary Megson’s take on vaccines and autism in certain children.  I want to see a study specifically addressing her concerns.

8.  Right-brain dominance, ADHD, and how those of us who are right can function in a wrong (left) brained dominant world. 😉

9.  Silk screening and wax batik.

10. Photoshop. 🙂

What interests you? Share a link! Oh, but nothing commercial.


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