Global warming, or as I like to call it “climate”

G is for global warming

Douglas Harper wrote a great blog about global warming.  Read it here.  He said basically what I want to say.  We need to stop being divided over global warming.  Yes it is getting warmer.  Humans are to blame.  Inconclusive.  The sun is to blame.  Inconclusive.  It’s politicians releasing all their hot air into the atmosphere as they sleep…maybe.

Earth has been warmer and cooler than it is now.  It spun faster and wobbled more.  Our planet changes.  It has always changed, and it will continue to change until it is consumed by the sun.   Let’s stop fighting one another.  Let’s stop using climate change for political gain.  Let’s work together to develop contingency plans for how we will combat the worst that Murphy has to offer.

Murphy is an asshole, so we don’t get what we want most:  stability.  Our flexibility provided a driving force for our development.  Humans are nothing short of utterly amazing.  The laws of conservation dictate no true loss or gain.  So too with humanity there is balance.  The more amazing we become, the greater the good we can do, the greater the evils and heartbreak that follow.

So, my take on global warming.  Yes.  Yes, it is warmer. Yes, human activity has aided the temperature increase.  Yes, solar activity has aided the temperature increase.  Yes, we need more plans and fewer punitive measures.  Yes, we need to be faithful stewards to our planet.

Since we can’t control the universe and as of right now all of the global warming camps are like blind men at an elephant with one guy sitting in a chair, by himself, denying everything, lets shift the paradigm of our thinking away from blame and towards real solutions.  Legislation and rules only hurt humanity and have zero impact on the climate.

Usually targeting wallets and bank accounts, environmental legislation sees limited results.  Real results come from grassroots movements and masses of people making voluntary changes.  Punishing corporations only puts the onus on the customer who bears the brunt of financial burdens.

Let’s take ethanol, for example.  Corn is food.  But we use it for fuel.  But the need for corn for food is still there.  Laws require the production of ethanol, so the corn must be made into fuel.  So now there is fewer corn for food and, to top it off, when you find it, it’s more expensive.  And people starve.  But, ethanol burns cleanly, less carbon emissions.  Riiiiight. Not. Wait! Double win! Starving people have fewer carbon emissions, too (sarcasm).

Off my soapbox.  My point?  Yes, we have climate change issues, who cares what caused it?  Let’s search for viable, humanitarian solutions and stop using it for political and financial leverage.   Let’s engage in grassroots activism to help one another, because together, we are stronger.


Here are a few interesting links about paleoclimatolgy and solar activity.



  1. Good stuff; Intense but thoughtful; passionate but sane. Thanks for the kind words. – Doug Harper

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