D is for Dancing With the Stars

I have to love anything that makes me grin uncontrollably. Dancing With the Stars does that to me. Being human is pretty amazing, and I love seeing people being people.

Dancing for pleasure and beauty is so human. It transcends the need to mate and exists in the realm of art, or beauty for the sake of beauty. Dancers tell stories, distill humanity, and inspire emotion with the best of poets. To me, dancing is poetry of the body. It is so beautiful and so uniquely human that it frequently brings me to tears.

I love all aspects of being “human,” or those traits that only we humans possess and which separate us from wild beasts, like art, compassion, empathy and selflessness.  Please don’t misunderstand me. I do not elevate our species to a divine plane more deserving of life than other species, but I no longer devalue us as a valid and entitled species. People are amazing.

Typically, I dislike the concept of “entitled,” but it seems to me, based on the number people who do devalue our existence (their own existence and worth, even!) and wish extinction upon our entire species, maybe we humans need to remember that we are also children of the universe and deserve a place here.

People making art with their bodies amazes me. Amazes me. Strike a pose. Have you never? I have. Regardless, DWTS makes me grin, ear to ear, for no reason other than I love to see people being people without being ashamed of being human. Dance away my friends! Dance away.

P.S.  And William Levy.  Oh my!  Muy caliente!



  1. I’ve never thought of dance as art before, but I see your point. Beautiful pictures. I’ll never look at a dancer in the same way again.

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